Sunday Gathering

The morning service will start at 10:30am and conclude at 11:45.

We gather together as God's people to worship Him.  We do this by singing, praying, taking communion, and hearing God's word.  The following order of worship is generally observed: call to worship, preaching, communion, singing, and sending. 

We provide good coffee and invite you to help yourself before and after the service.

Children birth through 4th grade are invited to CBC Kids during the service. Our volunteer staff is looking forward to meeting you and your child and providing meaningful, safe spiritual learning opportunities for your child as you enjoy the service. Children 5th grade and up are encouraged to participate in the main service with their families. We believe this is a great opportunity to encourage our children to develop and mature under the guidance of a church family who truly loves them.


The offering is a way for Christians to support the mission and ministry of the church. Christians offer a sacrificial portion of their resources–time, talents, possessions–as an act of faith and gratitude in response to God’s grace. Offerings are a part of our worship service as an opportunity for the regular, proportionate and generous giving of the resources God has given us.  We provide a box at the rear of the worship center to receive the gifts of our members and friends.



Communion, also called The Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist, is the family meal of Christians. We invite all committed followers of Jesus Christ to partake of this sacrament: those who are at peace with God and with their neighbor, and who seek strength to live more faithfully for Christ. If you are not a Christian, or if you are not prepared to share in this meal, we encourage you to spend this time in prayer. We hope that this time is helpful to you as you consider your relationship with Jesus Christ and with His people, the church.


At Christ Bible Church we believe that baptism is an outward testimony of the inward change in a believer’s life. Christian baptism is an act of obedience to the Lord after salvation; although baptism is closely associated with salvation, it is not a requirement to be saved. However, A new believer in Jesus Christ should desire to be baptized as soon as possible.